The World Gridball Championship

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Watching Gridball on Youtube

Gridball is published on Youtube at the Giant Killers Youtube channel.
Each edition of Gridball is published daily over the course of a month with a new season published every five months. If you've bought shares in a team, it's more fun to watch your team's fortunes and if you watch the broadcasts, it'll be more fun to know what you're watching
Each round of each Championship is published daily at 3pm and you'll be notified if you hit the subscribe button to the Giant Killers channel. The broadcasts are also published on the Gridball Facebook page.

The broadcasts are six minutes long on average and contain the following.
  • The fixture schedule. i.e. Round One, Match Six
  • The fictional date of the fixture round
  • A brief 30 second snippit of real news from that date in history
  • The Group standings as they are before kick off

The Team News Page

The team news page is packed with information but, with so many matches in the broadcast, the infrmation appears only briefly on screen. Players need to pause the broadcast if they want to read their team news, which looks like this.
  • The top row is the name of the two competing teams. The home team on the left, 
  • The orange squares are where the score will appear
  • Underneath the team name the following appears, in order
  • The current position in the group before the game {Cheshire are listed as being second in group 1}
  • The form of the last six games. W = Win, T = Tie, L = Loss {Lanarkshire lost two of their last three games ater a run of three straight victories}
  • The name of the coach - Cheshire's Coach is Patricia Lucius
  • The name of the selected team - Lanarkshire have Gilan, MavArthur, L Crosbie, Calvert, Pickles, McLean and U Crosbie as their starting seven
  • The numbers beside each player are their age, rating and {in red} their playing position. Sabrina Kaye isn't just the highest rated player in this match, but the highest rating possible. a rating of 9 is like an iconic super star of the game. Even more amazing is that Sabrina is still only 17 years of age!
  • The game always selects the best possible player in each position but if there are better players in the squad that are unavailable due to injury or suspension, it states it above the players names and also advises how much weaker the team are by their absence. Likewise if a player returns from injury it states how much stronger the team has become.
  • The smaller number beside the coaches' name is their rating. Louise Adcock is a 0 [inexperienced]
  • Above that is the team morale. Morale starts at 0 for all teams at the start of the season and goes up with each victory and down with each defeat, never dropping below 0. Cheshire's morale is 9
  • The number below the score is the overall rating of the team. When you compare the ratings, it gives you an idea of what to expect from the match. Lanarkshire are rated 25 but Cheshire's 45 rating suggests they're a much stronger and more confident team. The quality of competitng teams is measured in blcks of seven points. Lanarkshire will have an even chance against a side rated within 6 points of their own rating {19-31} But an opponent rated 7-13 points stronger will be twice as likely to win and three times mre likely if, as in the case here, Cheshire are 14-20 points stronger.
The ratings listed here are base ratings but there are also unseen adjustments to the ratings that the game doesn't publish
  • Home teams get five points added to their rating {In the example above, Cheshire's rating would now hit 50}
  • Icons. Any player with a rating over 7 is subject to an unseen rating adjustment before each game. Sabrina Kaye is rated 9 on her own but, just like in real sport, it would be really difficult to perform to that level in every game. As a result she is subjected to a feature on the random number generator before the game that might knock points off her performance and drop it below the published 9 rating. You can't see it on screen but The RNG dictated that Kaye's actual performance in this game was rated 6 and not the published 9. 
  • Impact players. Lanarkshire's Jean Calvert has an asterisk* beside her name. This means that she's an impact player. Impact players can be erratic. As standard, Calvert is rated 2 {Okay} but on her day, she's capable of putting in a World Class performance. Because such a performance is rated a 6, the RNG offers impact players the chance have such a performance taken into consideration in the rating of the team. Conversely, though less likely is they put in a very poor performance, rated 0. The viewer doesn't get to see what type of performance the RNG has dictated for an impact player but over the course of ten games, on average, Calvert would put in four World Class performances {6}, four standard performances {2} and two stinkers {0}
After the team news, the game starts and begns to countdown from 60, to reflect the 60 minute countdown of the game [a few seconds reflecting each passing minute of the game]
As events happen in the match, they'll be published on screen. You'll see the following events take place
  • GOAL Displaying the time of the goal and the scorer. The score will of course change when this happens and sometimes the scoreboard will emark on the goal. e.g. The keeper had no chance, or the keeper should have saved it, or a defender made a mistake.
  • Saved is a shot on target, saved by the net minder. As the game progresses, viewers can get an idea of which team is on top from the chances being created.Again, some saves may have prevented a seemingly certain goal. i.e comments like, 'brilliant save by Gilan' or 'Jackson thought she'd scored'
  • Miss. Frustratingly players will occasionally miss an absulute sitter. When they do, it's reflected as a miss, a chance that seemed easier to score than not.
  • sin bin. Players can be dismissed from the court if they use unfair means to prevent a certain goal or use violent conduct. A sin binned player cannot rejoin the game or be replaced and the team continue with 6 players. Sin binned players are also suspended for the next match.
  • Injury. If a player is injured and can't continue, the referee will permit a reserve to come on in their place. The game will say who's gone off and whose come on. Likewise, if the netmnder is sin binned, a new netminder can come on for an outcourt player.
  • The layout of the broadcast is designed as if you're watching a live, in game, updates service, a bit like the Saturday afternoon final score shows Football fans will have long ben familiar with. Each event in the broadcast happens in chornological order of the countdown clock. You can of course fast foward straight to the result of the game but, for the sake of four minutes, it can be more enjoyable to watch the countdown and wait for the events as they unfold, like a real sporting event.

Full Time

When the countdown clock hits 0 it's full time. The following information is then broadcast.
  • The results and scorers
  • The updated group tables
  • Rating increases. During the games, player's performances can merit a rating increase. This is usually portrayed in a soundbite with the rating increase then stated.
  • Team of the week. Every match round generates a team of the week. Any player appearing in the team of the week five times gets a rating increase. How the team of the week is calculated is explained below
  • Top scorers. Any player hitting 20 goals/scores in a season gets a rating increase.
  • Finally. Every broadcast is accompanied by music from the time. This will usuaully be music from the most popuar film being shown in UK cinemas that evening and pop hits in that week's UK pop chart. If you're wracking your brains wondering what the familiar music is during any broadcast, it tells you the movie and the hits at the end.
Team of the week is calculated based on what happened in the games
  • The netminder of the week will be the player who made the most saves and kept a clean sheet.
  • If there's two that are the same, the the netminder of the team who created the fewest chances of their own gets it
  • players 2-6 are selected as the player in each position who scored the most goals in a winning team
  • If there's none ot there's a tie then shots are taken into consideration
  • With defenders, #2, #3 and #4 the fewest shots allowed to the opponent is used
  • With attackers #5, #6 and #7 it's the team that created the most chances
  • And if after all that, a clear nominee still can't be found, the player with the highest rating gets selected.